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Christmas is the most important and popular holiday, not only because of the religious aspect but also because of the fact that we gather together with our families, eat traditional meals and give each other special gifts.

Easter is the beginning of spring!

Spring is the season of new beginnings.

Two colours - green and yellow dominate. It is time for spring-cleaning, it is time for new decorations at home.


Valentines is time for showing love in many ways.

A romantic dinner can become even more romantic when you decorate table with our plants.



A gift for Mother’s Day should be a very special one. We want to honor our mothers for their love and sacrifice.


If you want to suprise somebody you need something unique. For special occasions we created fantastic compositions which catch

your eye.



There are no borders for our creative


…but you as our client can also let your imagination run free. You can choose the colour of your cactus and decorate it by yourself.


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